The Crystal Crypt

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The Crystal Crypt

Release Date: December 5, 2013
Rating: PG-13

Year    :   2013
Directed By    :   Shahab Zargari
Slogan    :   «Two Worlds at War - One Chance to Survive»
Genre    :   Science Fiction
Time    :   28 min.
Budget    :   $25,000 USD
Age    :   10+

Based on a story by Philip K. Dick, and set in a future where Earth and Mars are on the brink of war. As the last flight to leave for Earth is about to depart, Martian officers board in search of three saboteurs, and a story of heroism and deception unfolds in this fantastic film starring Yuri Lowenthal (Dark Knight Returns) and Tara Platt (Naruto, Final Fantasy). Featuring music from The Aquarium (Dischord Records), and an original score from Shelby Cinca of Frodus.

Rating:   IMDb  7.4 / 10


  • Best Philip K Dick-inspired short - Philip K Dick Sci Fi Film Festival, Brooklyn New York 2013
  • Best Sci Fi Film - IFS Film Festival, Los Angeles, California 2014
  • Award of Merit - LA Cinema Festival of Hollywood, California 2014

Official Selections

  • Comic Con International Film Festival, San Diego, California 2016
  • Southwest Indiana Film Festival, Dubois County, Indiana 2016
  • Fantasmagorical Film Festival, Louisville, Kentucky 2015
  • Genre Fest, Burbank, California 2015
  • Miami Science Fiction Film Festival, Miami, Florida 2014
  • IFS Film Festival, Los Angeles, California 2014
  • Tri-Cities International Fantastic Film Festival, Washington 2014
  • Bayou Con Film Festival, Lake Charles, Louisiana 2014
  • ANTHOLOGY FILM ARCHIVES - New Filmmaker Series, New York, New York 2014

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